The following are informational documents related to Take Back The Dump. All of these documents can be downloaded by clicking on the download link.

Notes from the Solid Waste Management Plan Meeting at Woodmen Hall on Sept. 30th: View Notes

Article from 2002 about the Lopez Dump: View Seattle Times article

Answered Questions about Solid Waste ( 19 questions & answers): Download PDF Document

Charter options as prepared by Madrona: Download Document

Dan Post letter to Solid Waste: Download Document

John Ryan's letter to Solid Waste: Download Document

Condensed version Ed Kilduff's slideshow: Download Document

Rhea Miller's letter to the editor: Download Document 

Article on Mike Macdonald's resignation from SWAC:

Article on County plan for SJI's transfer station:

Letter by Larry Eppenbach: Download Document

Link to County Solid Waste Management Plan Meeting Notes/Powerpoints:

Audio from SWAC Meeting (very large file): Download Audio


Take Back The Dump 3/12/10 meeting minutes: Download Document 

Take Back The Dump 3/27/10 meeting minutes: Download Document

Take Back The Dump 4/12/10 meeting minutes: Download Document

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