Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Survey Results

Approximately 130 surveys were filled out. Much thanks to all of you!! Here are the results. (Note: questions are paraphrased. For complete survey, please go to: )

Lopez dump ownership and operation:
a) County owned & operated - 6.3%
b) County owned but locally controlled - 53.2%
c) Community owned & operated - 40.5%

Is information exchange and broad community involvement important?
a) Yes - 94.6%
b) No - 5.4%

Important Services on Lopez:
a) self-separated recyclables - 85.7%
b) commingled recyclables - 12.6%
c) commercial curbside pickup - 6.7%
d) self-haul garbage disposal - 68%
e) take it or leave it - 93.3%
f) compostable wastes - 32.8%
g) food waste & yard waste exchange - 33.6%
h) ongoing hazardous waste drop-off - 81.5%
i) household hazardous waste reuse - 56.3%
j) scrap metals, appliances, & ewaste recycling - 82.4%
k) newsprint, cardboard, & shredded mixed paper for mulch/compost - 68.9%
l) agricultural plastics reuse/recycling - 57.1%
m) construction waste reuse/recycling - 67.2%
n) firewood exchange - 28.6%
o) increased hours - 19.3%
p) improved parking - 53.8%
q) no-charge roadside/beach trash & noxious weeds - 62.2%

Payment Ideas:
a) gate fee - 14.9%
b) higher charge for more garbage, lower charge for less - 71.1%
c) charge for roadside/beach trash & noxious weeds - 3.5%
d) charge for recycling - 8.8%
e) property tax or bond levy - 47.4%
f) monthly use fee for residential patrons - 16.7%
g) none of the above - 13.2%

NOTE: Fewer than half of the surveys included comments. Those that did illustrated the wide range of opinions of those who completed the survey. There were, however, some consistent points. Those are noted here.

a) Recycling - 45 comments. These ranged from direct requests to return to self-separated recycling to questions about commingled to frustration about the change without public input.

b) Support of Neil - 32 comments. These expressed respect for Neil's decisions, request for the County to heed his suggestions/proposals, and demand that he be reinstated to full-time FTE.

c) Transparency from County on costs/budget - 25 comments. These mainly requested that the County make readily available the expenses & revenue for the Lopez dump separate from the County-wide budget.

d) Support for Take It Or Leave It - 20 comments. These focused on further County support for TIOLI, though some comments requested a policy to end/limit re-sale of items (no ebay etc sale of TIOLI items).

e) Restore/Improve Parking - 16 comments. These expressed concern about the danger of street-parking and asked for better on-site parking.

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